April 28, 2013

all in one weekend.

George turned 8 on Saturday, April 13th and celebrated his First Holy Communion the very next day.  The weekend was all about George, George, George!  He had a sleepover with a few of his buddies from school that Friday night.  I picked up the boys after school and brought them home.  They played hockey in the backyard (of course), watched the Pirates game on TV, ordered pizza and played Minecraft for maybe two hours before we all fell asleep watching the movie Life of Pi

The Minecraft (or Mind Crap, as I like to call it) was pretty funny.  It started out with just a couple kids playing each other with the boys' iPads, then one kid pulled out his phone and joined in, then I gave another boy my iPad, and then there was another phone that appeared, and before I knew it I was downloading the game onto my phone so that last remaining child had a device with which to play.  Ridiculousness.  But man, to have 6 boys in one room all fairly quiet was amazing.  All I heard was stuff like, "The zombies are coming!" and "Hey, that's my house, don't wreck it!" and "Let's go to the Nether World!"  I have no idea what any of this means, but they seem to understand it like second nature.

And the next morning . . .

 On Sunday, George celebrated his First Holy Communion.  I didn't think I would be as emotional as I was about it, but it's such a special milestone and it made me realize how fast he is growing up.  Turning 8 (which sounds so BIG) and receiving a Sacrament all in one weekend is alot for a mom's heart to bare (dad's too)!  He looked so handsome and grown up in his new suit, and he was very excited for the day.  He wore this necklace under his shirt which we bought during our visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Rheims in Reims, France: 

I will always remember seeing him walk up the aisle in church with all of his classmates with their wide, proud grins (and it goes without saying how adorable the girls looked in their dresses!).  He was just so proud and excited!  They all were!

During Mass he turned around a couple times to get a peek at us with that smile. 

 Bishop Zubik celebrated the Mass with us, which made the day even more special for George to receive his first Communion from him.  George is a very confident little boy, and this moment was no exception.  It was just pure joy.

Walking back down the aisle after Mass:
Afterwards we snapped a few family pictures at the house.

 Caroline loved it.  She loves being told what to do.  She loves being confined.  She loves it when she's outside, but being held back from running free like a bird.  She is very attached to people and just wants to be held.  She never wants to draw attention to herself either.

 Oh, no wait . . . sorry, I have that backwards.  Nevermind.

And more attempts at taking pictures of children:

George with his Godfather, Uncle Tim:

And George couldn't wait to just get out of his fancy clothes and into his play clothes, and CELEBRATE!


  1. Happy Birthday & Congrats to George! Mind-crap - I can't tell you how hard I laughed when I read that!! I also can't tell you how much I look forward to using that extremely clever term with my own kids! Ha!

  2. Happy Birthday and Congratulations George!

    What a weekend!

    Erica - I love the new family photo.

    Love you,