September 28, 2012

beibamboo bambino.

A couple weeks ago, Pittsburgh-based photographer Kathy Wolfe had Caroline model for a new Finnish clothing line, Beibamboo.  Here is a sneak peak of the photo shoot!  It was such an exciting experience, but you know what?  The girl WOULD NOT SMILE.  Thankfully, Kathy is absolutely gifted beyond words, so I knew that between her talent and Caroline's oh-so-pretty (smile-less) face, it would work out just fine.  This picture is just so sweet, don't you think?  Oh, my little girl!  I'm pinching myself right now.
The Beibamboo clothing line is made of - you got it - bamboo!  You wouldn't believe how soft (and eco-friendly) it is.  All of the clothing is made to feel extra soft against baby's skin; even the tags and zippers are on the outside, rather than the inside.  The clothes are very sweet, simple and easy to put on and take off.  The company has won several design awards in Europe recently, and they are trying to make a presence in the US market.
I have to mention that if you are in search of a baby/child/family photographer, you have to check out Kathy here.  Not only does she do amazing work, but she is also super fun to work with.  Professional photo shoots always stress me out, but Kathy is so relaxed and easygoing.  The first time I met Kathy was when I had her take photos of six month old George. 7 years ago already.  Oh, how time flies!
I hope to share more pictures soon!

friday morning laugh.

This will always look ridiculous to me. 
The person up front is directing us to go ahead and pass them.
Hilarious.  Just hilarious.

September 26, 2012

devilish dollar decor.

I pulled out all of my Halloween decorations yesterday; precariously balancing Caroline on one hip and box after box on the other, up and down two flights of stairs.  As soon as I broke the slightest sweat I decided there would be no need for me to go to the gym later in the day.  Why is it always such an amazing feeling when you decide - guilt free - that you don't need to go to the gym?  I always let out a little snicker, feeling like I just staged some kind of major coup.
Anyway, I quickly decorated the house and surprised the boys when they came home from school.  I told them to close their eyes, and I opened the front door and brought them inside.  They opened their eyes and even though they've seen these items almost every year of their young lives, they let out a big, "WOW!"  They get so excited about the spiders, skulls and skeletons.  Aren't Halloween decorations just so god-awful ugly?  Yep, and exactly why the kids just love 'em!  And the best part is, you don't have to spend much to make a cute (or scary or god-awful ugly) display.  In fact, I say the uglier, the better!  And I'm telling you, the dollar store is the place for all of your god-awful ugly decorating needs.

 Here is our foyer mantle.  Except for the ceremics and the tree-ish thing, everything came from a dollar store.  Isn't the spider web neat?  And the spiders that cling to it?  The sign too, and the little hanging skeletons - all $1!

 Here on our entry desk are a couple of bigger velvety spiders, a weird candle, a RIP tombstone, some silk fall leaves and a creepy witch all for . . . yep, a buck.  And below is a centerpiece made with various dollar chotchkies.

 And look at these skulls!

 And another creepy witch hanging out near the powder room.

 I'm telling you - RUN!  Don't walk!  RUN to your nearest dollar store!
And remember it's just a month.  This junk is only on display for a month.

September 23, 2012

just use wen.

Have you seen the Wen commerial?  Wen is some kind of shampoo, but not a shampoo, rather a conditioner, but not a conditioner.  You know what I'm talking about, right?  Please tell me you've seen it.  At the end of the commercial the stylist says, "Just use Wen one time and I guarantee you'll see an amazing difference in your hair."  I can't put a finger on it, but for some reason it makes me laugh like a 12 year old every time he says that line. 
Now it's an ongoing joke in this family.  Out of the blue one of us will say, "Well, you know, just use Wen one time and . . . . "  The other day I emailed Kevin at work with the subject line "the school called" and attached he found this:

Do I have too much time on my hands? Don't answer that.

Wen, if you need a spokesman, please contact Kevin immediately. Just look at him!

September 21, 2012

11 months.

This is what 11 months looks like:

Well, it's also what 37 looks like but she wears the cottage cheese legs much better than I do.

One more month before she is all grown up and leaves us forever and only calls when she needs money for a spring break trip to Mexico with her sorority sisters. 

Well, at least that's what first birthdays feel like for mothers, right?

September 20, 2012

latest blog find: the diminutive review.

I came across this blog for sales updates on higher end children's clothing like Polarn O. Pyret, Tea Collection, Crew Cuts, Mini Boden, etc.  You know, brands that most of us could not otherwise afford, or at least not without guilt of overspending!  While I do not believe that high quality and high price tag go hand-in-hand, if you can score a great deal it's worth trying.  Some of these brands people swear last forever (Hanna Andersson pjs, for example). 

The other day I ordered a pair of Sperry Oxford topsiders for George for $16, thanks to the blog.  I love the "old man" or "retro nerd" look of them.  Worth a try, right?  The blogger suggested picking up a pair of colorful shoe laces to change out.  I think George would be sent home from school if I did that but I otherwise love the idea.  Ha!
The blogger is a mother of three, swears to never pay full price to dress her children with style, and posts updates on her finds almost every day.  A good blog to add to your Google Reader list!

September 9, 2012

timing is everything.

I was going through pictures I took over the summer and came across these two.  I just love this picture of Teddy and how the two sheep in the background seem to be posing for the camera.  The second shot was taken right after the first.  They say timing is everything