June 18, 2012

a busy boy.

Teddy has been a busy boy recently.  First, there was his last day of kindergarten.  He and his classmates had a picnic at a neighborhood playground.  As soon as I took this picture the sky opened up and all hell broke loose.  He and I ran for the van in the pouring ran as fast as we could.  Then we went straight home.  He thought his last day of school was the best!
Then was his kindergarten graduation.  His class did a performance and they sang songs.  Teddy had a speaking part, and if he was nervous he didn't show it at all.  He did great, and it was so cute!
Here he is receiving his diploma from his teacher.
Yay Teddy!
Pap came to see his "West Virginia Ted" graduate too!
Then came Teddy's 6th birthday party with his classmates.  We celebrated at the neighborhood bowling alley.  The only thing missing from the party was a CAMO bowling ball. 
And finally, T-Bear's party at home on his actual birthday!
The boys get so excited for each other's birthdays!
Two big milestones - One awesome boy!
Love you T-Bear!

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  1. Happy Birthday Teddy! It looks like yet another fun party!