February 14, 2011

i heart valentine's day.

Valentine's Day is sweet.  I like to dress up the kitchen in red and pink (the only time of year pink is remotely deemed acceptable in this house) and spread out an assortment of chotchkies for the men in my life to see when they wake up in the morning.  One of Kevin's gifts was hand-stamped brass collar stays.  Aren't they nice?  The boys each received books geared toward their interests - soldiers and sports.  I'll let you guess which book went to which boy. 

Just to give you a hint, as I write this Teddy is watching the movie Patton with Kevin, and George is windexing his hockey goalie pads.  Yes, windexing.

And they each got a little box of gag gifts:  fart whistles, toilet squirters, fake chewed gum, you get the picture.  Don't you feel the love in the air?  Ah . . .

The boys both had parties at school today and brought Valentines for all of their classmates.  George also had to create a box for his.  The planning for this is where the insanity began.  First, the Valentines:

I found the idea here.  They were very easy to make and turned out so cute.  I just love these.

And secondly, George's Valentine's Day box.  Kevin teased me to no end for a week over this box.  The truth is (believe me) this was all George's idea.  I only assisted with the execution.  It's true.  George was just beside himself to get this thing to school to show his buddies.

See the goal posts?  All George . . .

One last thing.  Valentine's day gear is well, girly.  I don't have any of those.  What's a mom in my situation to do?  Make my own gosh darn shirts, that's what!

Bones, hearts . . . a little more manly.  All it took was some tape and little bleach and maybe 20 minutes.  Wa-la!  Teddy's teacher told me to make a bunch on sell them online.  Hum . . .

While I'm mulling over my prospects as a seller of tacky holiday gear, I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day.  Now I'm off to celebrate with the mister!  XO!