August 28, 2010

junior pirates.

The boys on the field at PNC Park in recognition of their participation in the Junior Pirates rookie ball program.
Watching the game with their buddy.
George and his buddy a couple weeks earlier with their trophies from the Greenfield Baseball Association.

August 27, 2010

future photographers.

Teddy took this picture of his big brother.
And here is Teddy from George's point of view.

August 22, 2010


This is how you watch a baseball game . . .
 . . . when your names are George and Teddy and you are the luckiest boys on the planet.  
And to top it off, on our way out . . .
. . . we ran into these guys.
Definitely the luckiest boys (dad included).

August 10, 2010

south carolina summer.

South Carolina Summer 2010.  Hot as blazes.  That about wraps it up.  Thank you, and good night.
Okay, I'm back.  We did manage to somehow move from our air conditioned accomodations to the van, and then dash in and out of various sites before being sucked into Hades during our southern family vacation.  Well, except for the time we drove into town (Charleston), parked, immediately started dripping with sweat, dashed into a restaurant to cool down, walked across the street to a market, started dripping again, bought a pint of homemade dill pickles, ate them under a shade tree, almost died from the resulting salt-induced dehydration, and then called it a day.  Other than that near brush with eternal hellfire, we had a totally fabulous time.  The beach, mini golf, go carts, historic sites, a dinner with Tim, Susan, and the boys, and more beach.  It was wonderful.
Here we are at one of our outings - Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island. 
Obviously the cannons were a huge hit.
I am the boys are obsessed with park rangers.  They were almost too shy to get their picture taken with her, and they were very interested in whether or not she carried a weapon.  Boys.  Seriously.
And here are their Fort Moultrie badges.  Didn't these used to be fabric patches that you could actually sew onto a shirt?  Not that I would do that if they were, but . . . okay, maybe I would . . . okay, so maybe when I saw that they were plastic I instantly said to myself, "Damnit.  I can't exactly sew these onto anything!"  But we were very appreciative.  I'm hoping they have a shelf full of these one day.  Not that I like to collect things.  We all know I have issues.  But I'll make this one exception.  And that's where I draw the line.
Towards the middle of our trip we found this lonely looking child on the side of the road and asked him if he wanted to go with us on a plantation tour.  He opened his mouth and before a word was uttered all I saw was some missing front teeth and I instantly fell in love, stole him and demanded he call me mommy.  And I now I have three sons.  Life is beautiful.

Oh, no wait.  That's not totally true.  Although I am totally in love with this child, my nephew, but he just so happened to be in town for his big brother's baseball tournament.  And we did steal him for a day so Susan and Tim could watch Kiernan play and we could let him play with his cousins.  And he is missing some teeth and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Here is the house we toured.  We learned that rice was king here.  I wish you all were with us.  You would appreciate the million times we heard, "Ryes was kang!"  So people there's your mini-lesson of the day.  At one time, in South Carolina, rice was . . . nevermind.
They loved it.  Can you tell?  They had so many questions afterwards.  Yawn.  No, actually this is what heat-induced coma looks like.  Hum . . . actually, parents might have it pretty good down there in the South.
Later that day the little nephew says, "Excuse me, dear sir and madam, I have yet on this trip been afforded the opportunity to see the vast Atlantic Ocean.  Would you be so kind as to take me there?"  It was weird because the child is from Atlanta yet he spoke with an English accent.  Oh, no wait.  Exaggerating again.  It was more like the boys all said, "We're so hot!  We're going to die!  No more talk about ryes!  Take us to the beach!  Noooooow!"  So we did.
Sullivan's Island
Check out Kevin's vacation beard!  Cool picture, huh?
Just call me the paparazzi.
I love taking pictures at the beach.
This is my all time favorite picture of Teddy and Kevin.  It has already been framed and is sitting on Kevin's desk at his office.
Teddy and Kevin building a fort.  If whatever you're saying or doing is nothing military-related, then Teddy is not interested.  And he isn't "Teddy," he's "Soldier".  At night when I tuck him in it's, "Goodnight, soldier."
After that trip into Charleston (the one just to buy the jar of pickles and walk past the gates of Hell), we found our well air-conditioned way to this interesting place.  The Citadel.  Teddy will be there one day.  He will be there, and he'll scare the hell out of all of his commanders with his intensity, and he'll later go on to rule the universe.  That's my boy.
Citadel barracks.  I'm not sure how many of these there are but we poked our heads into maybe 3 buildings set up just like this.  On one wall in each barracks was a board with step-by-step directions detailing how the bedrooms need to look at all times.  Things like how to hang the clothes perfectly, a list of items that are allowed on top of the desks and where they are to be placed, and how there has to be a 6 inch fold at the top of the sheet when making beds.  (Ruler included in the picture.)  So I read all of that and then looked around at the immaculate grounds of the Citadel and realized that I had found my place on this earth; this sanctuary of peace, order and harmony.  Where OCD is kang!
Okay, well that is all that I have for now.  If I think too much about places like you see above I start to scratch at the windows and sing Annie show tunes.  It's not pretty.  The end.