May 4, 2010

greenfield grasshoppers.

I was strangely nervous the day of George's first baseball practice.  Well, it's not that strange if you know me as I'm over-the-top apprehensive of anything new.  Baseball, am I really ready for this?  It's a commitment and I have enough of those already!  Well, George was more than ready without a doubt in the world.  I emailed Kevin at work about 15 minutes before leaving the house.  "I'm so excited for tonight!"  "Me too!" he responds.  We're both lying to each other and we know it.  We're not excited.  We're not ready.  He is too little for this!  But we leave the house and (because I'm nervous) I leave waaaaay too early and show up 15 minutes before the practice is supposed to begin.  So we sit in the van near the practice field and we see a few little guys running around with each other.  They seem to know each other.  And meanwhile George yells from his carseat, "Mom look at those kids!  Let's go!  I want to play baseball with them!  They will be my friends!"  And I say a quick prayer to thank God for this child who is so brave and outgoing and simply awesome.  I am learning a thing or two from the child's attitude on life, let me tell you!

So I say to him, "George, we're pretty early so let's just sit here for just a couple minutes."  George:  "How long is a couple minutes?  I want to go!"  Me:  "Just two minutes, honey.  Let me do something real quick and then we'll go."  Then I fumble in my purse, call Kevin, fumble in my purse again with all two things beside my cell phone - wallet and chapstick, and thinking to myself that at times like this a Blackberry might be nice.  No, I didn't just say that.  I'm going insane.  George:  "Mom, how long is two minutes?  Is it one SpongeBob episode?"  Me:  "No, honey that is 30 minutes.  I'm only asking for TWO!"  George:  "One.  Two.  Okay, let's go."  Me:  "No, that was two seconds.  I'm talking about minutes.  Count to 60 two times."  George:  "But that's a long time mom and I really just want to play baseball."  Me:  "Okay, fine, we're going."
The practice went without a hitch, and he was more than excited to see his best friend from school on one of the other teams.  I watched as they waved to each other from across the field.  A couple of days later he had his first game, and got to wear his brand spanking new uniform that he craddled in his arms the night before.  He did great and without any hesitation, just pure fun and smiles this kid.  I am starting to think I just might survive this phase of mothering boys.  Maybe. 
George and his best friend, M.

The buddies comparing cleats.  They are just too cute.

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  1. The pics are adorable!! He looks like a natural. :)